What the… Is this really Fred Flintsone’s voice?

Fred and Henry

Apparently DDB/Chicago are responsible for the new Midas commercial featuring Fred Flintstone (last item on the page) and his pal Barney, but hopefully they aren’t responsible for the new voice casting behind the voices, particularly Fred’s voice.

Henry Corden had been Fred’s voice since 1977, but he passed away in May. His voice was very distinctive, and his performances, whether in the cartoons or in other commercial work, were perfectly suited to Fred’s character.

The new voice is far from ideal. It’s baritone and male, but those are the only resemblances to the voice we all know and love.

Sure, it’s hard to follow such a well-established act, but come on… surely they can do better than that? My hope is that Hanna-Barberra simply has not found a suitable replacement, and a temp voice had to be used.